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The Future of Epic Sci Fi Martian Westerns

AS YOU ALL KNOW, the CW is developing a TV show called Red, a sci-fi western set on Mars. That is fine, everyone loves sci-fi westerns that are set on Mars.


The problem with it, of course, is that it obviates all of my own work done in the genre of Epic Sci-Fi Martian Westerns, which is just as well because I have other stuff to work on. So, I thought it might be fun to take the work that I've done already and just give it away.

I've got a screenplay, Guns of Cydonia, that was never going to see the light of day, anyway, and a fairly big chunk of backstory for "Cities on the Red Frontier", a set of interlocking epic stories late into the history of Martian terraforming. To the purpose of sharing, I have set up a website with a copy of the screenplay and as well all of my back matter:

Cities on the Red Frontier

There's a couple bits in here that I think are pretty interesting — the synergy between a corporate-feudalist government ruling an inhospitable planet and the history of the American Old West, for one; the use of early waves of transhuman pre-colonists to interrogate the history of how we conceived of "Martians" for another. Anyway, it's all there, and free for all; read it, use it, steal it, do whatever you like with it.


Happy birthday, internet!

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